Happy Birthday, Krishna

When you read this, I’ll probably be stirring a pot of milk or stringing a garland of flowers. Today is the Appearance Day of Lord Krishna, which one of my friends described as the “Hindu Christmas,” so I’ll go with that.

Our home programs now are a much scaled-down version of the all-out bash we used to have at the temple, which required weeks of preparation.

There were plays, pujas and marigold festoons everywhere. An all-day fast was broken with a multi-course feast at midnight, following a ceremony of lights (arati) and Sanskrit devotional hymns.

People came from everywhere to attend.

I was typically in charge of the kitchen, which resembled one of those crazy food network competion shows, except vegetarian and executed barefoot. With mantras.

You’da loved it.

In fact, if it’s still Wednesday, you can experience a version of it yourself if you like. Most Hindu temples (and all ISKCON centers) will be open to the public late tonight and will be serving a midnight snack you’ll not soon forget.

And, if you can’t catch the live version, here‘s a 10-minute cartoon which summarizes the story behind it. Hey, you never know when Janmashtami might come up in conversation.

My regular posts will resume on Friday (or Saturday, if I haven’t quite recovered yet). Whatever your plans, have a great day today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something on the stove.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Krishna

  1. Dee says:

    I saw this post last night around 8 pm and saw that you said all ISKCON centers would be open to the public. I knew there was one about 30 miles from here so I got the kids in the car and headed out. It was fantastic! Thanks for mentioning it. I knew it was Krishna Janmashtami but I didn’t know we could attend if we aren’t members.

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