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The Social Network Movie: How Sexual Energy Fueled the Erection of Facebook

erect– v. 4. To set up; establish: erect a dynasty. By now, you may have seen, “The Social Network,” the movie based on the story of how Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook, becoming the youngest billionaire in the world. Like a Greek tragedy, the story … Continue reading

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A Butterfly and a Bird

Imagine for a moment that you are unable to move your body; that your only means of communication is by blinking your left eye. How would you keep from losing your mind? Think about this for a minute. You’d have … Continue reading

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The Doors of Perception

Apparently, Bindu Wiles has been riding her bicycle around Manhattan, photographing images of doors and relishing the occasional gelato. *swoon* It got me thinking –about bicycles and New York in the Fall, yes, but mostly about doors. “When the doors … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Determine Your Life’s Purpose

There is a simple way to determine your life’s purpose. I used this way to gain clarity when I was in college, and it helped me to identify my personal vocation. In fact, I still use it whenever I feel … Continue reading

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Offering Oblations to the Demigod of Sleep

I once put a book directly on the floor, and my Bengali husband quickly put something under it. “Mother Saraswati,” he said, referring to the goddess of learning. “Geez,” I thought. It was only a novel. Some people think that … Continue reading

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