It’s All in the Delivery: What Michael Emerson of LOST Taught Me About Fear

I think I might have a tiny, little obsession with Michael Emerson, who played the delightfully creepy Benjamin Linus on Lost. We’ve been watching the DVDs here at home recently, and I can’t get him out of my mind.

I know, I know, he’s not the kind of character you expect to set your heart aflutter, but it’s not like that, reallyIt’s just the way he makes a completely benign statement sound absolutely diabolical that gets me giggling.

Here he is on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This clip illustrates his unique gift and offers a valuable life lesson, too.

I dare you not to laugh:

So, I’ve had a smile on my face all day, thinking about this  —I’m even chuckling to myself in public now, and people are beginning to stare. I just can’t help it.

I keep envisioning his face when he utters the line,

The cow’s in the corn.

Then I think to myself: Oh my god. NO! PLEASE! Not the cow in the corn!


It’s funny how we can get worked up about things that aren’t really that scary at all, isn’t it?

Of course, I have every right to feel afraid about anything if I so choose (and I would never make light of someone else’s fears), but I remind myself that my fears are always just that –a choice, and that I can also choose to be unafraid when I’m ready to let go of them.

Because, in truth?

Fear and love cannot coexist.

And nothing can ultimately hurt the real me, anyway.


nainaḿ chindanti śastrāṇi
nainaḿ dahati pāvakaḥ
na cainaḿ kledayanty āpo
na śoṣayati mārutaḥ

“The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.” ~Bhagavad-gita 2.23

Have a great weekend, everyone! Be well & be kind.

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