WE WON THE N.Y.LOTTERY! And we’re giving it all away.

Like many Lotto winners, we hesitated to reveal our identities.

We were afraid that long-lost “friends” would come out of the woodwork and that we just wouldn’t know whom to trust. In addition, we needed some time to process what had happened; to get used to our new life.

You understand.

But now the time has come to step forward and claim our prize:

Four big ones.

You heard it right: FOUR U.S. dollars.

Now, before you go begrudging us our moment in the sun, please consider this:

What is your Threshold for Thrill?

What kind of winnings would justify your jump for joy?

How big should the booty be to bust a move?

If you ask me?

My booty is plenty big, thank you. Four dollars? Definitely big enough to boogie.

Here’s the point:

I believe that each of us has a secret set of circumstances that we think would make us fall-on-the-ground, roll-around slap happy: We win the Powerball. We win an Academy Award or a Nobel Prize. We are signed by the NFL or by a major publisher or record label. We discover a cure for cancer.

These are roll-worthy goals, to be sure.

But what about seemingly ordinary events, like, say, walking and talking, buying groceries and paying bills, brushing your teeth or even shoveling snow? Would doing these things bring about a sense of ecstatic rapture for you? Not likely?

Until recently, I might have agreed.

If you hang out with me on Twitter, you know that this is the final weekend of my hospice volunteer training, which means I’ll soon be going into the homes of people who are terminally ill and… I don’t know what yet.

Mostly, I’ll just be “present” to do small tasks, to sit, to listen and bear witness to the patient’s process of graduating from this life. I’m leaning into my discomfort –in this case, by meeting others in theirs.

So far, it’s helped me to realize:

  • That the things we take for granted, the little things? They’re never little.
  • That our fear of dying is proportionate to our fear of living.
  • And that in the end, all we ever want is more Now.

So please don’t defer your joy.

Neither defer your sorrow.

Instead, celebrate your windfall –the miracle of your perfect, messy liferight this moment. And should you still need a material reason to beat the proverbial drum, well then, take heart, Dear Reader, because we’re giving our Lotto winnings away.

That’s right.

All four of the dollars.

Simply write in the comments how you plan to spend the loot. The winner will be drawn at random, but don’t let that stop you from being creative.

Have fun –and good luck!


Hugs to Dad & S’mom for gifting us with the winning ticket.

Bonus Read: Give Until It Hurts by Danielle LaPorte

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4 Responses to WE WON THE N.Y.LOTTERY! And we’re giving it all away.

  1. Kaleena says:

    I LOVE this. I really need to hear this right now. I keep trying so hard to live for the next step to make my life really grandiose that I can’t handle Right Now. Right Now feels more like a stubborn obligation.

    I don’t like that. That’s why it’s getting harder to get out of bed. Thank you for the lovely shoulder nudge.

    P.S. The header picture is wonderful.

    • Dasi says:

      Kaleena, sweetie. Thank you. I’m with you completely.
      It’s so easy to forget that we have/do/are enough. As is. Right now.
      Adorations, rupa xo

  2. Perfect! All booties can boogie — $4 or $4 million. Ain’t no thang. :)

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