Finding Rapture in the Routine

Some days, you just feel trapped.

All of your best intentions are shot to hell, and the illusion of your being in control vaporizes as quickly as you can say, Danicapatrick.

Let’s face it: There are forces at work over which we have no immediate control, and sometimes our best laid plans go awry. Sometimes your dream job/family/situation bears little resemblance to life as it is.

It’s so easy to be happy and grateful and God-conscious when life is tossing flower petals in your path, but what about when it isn’t? What happens when you are in Mundane City and going nowhere fast?

Is it possible to find rapture in the routine?

Last post, we talked about how many of us defer happiness until certain material circumstances are met. We think, I’ll be happy when…(fill in the blank). We’re so focused on the when that we lose track of the nowthe yoga of living, if you will– and that makes the yoga of dying trickier when our time rolls around.

So how does one find contentment in the right here and now?

Ah, Grasshopper, the age-old question.

The Vedanta Sutra offers us a clue:

आनन्दमयोऽभ्यासात्  (1.1.12):
“In Vedanta-sutra it is stated, anandamayo ‘bhyasat: God is anandamaya, full of bliss and pleasure. Since we are part and parcel of God, we also possess these same qualities.”
~A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

In other words, the happiness we’re looking for is already within us.

It’s in there.

Yoga means becoming aware (and thus connected) to the presence of divinity everywhere (everywhere!). And that’s how we taste what we’re really made of.

What is your connection strategy?

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7 Responses to Finding Rapture in the Routine

  1. Loving all the gems, mellifluousness, and alliteration here. YUM. ;)

  2. Krsna Kumari says:

    Connection strategy: getting outside in fresh air. Putting one’s hands in the soil, planting something. Growing my own food makes me feel connected. I try to focus on the process, not results.

  3. Nancy A says:

    lovely. totally what i wanted to hear today but couldn’t find myself

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