The Envelope Please…

Thanks to the lovely Reba at Navigating By Heart, we were surprised and humbled to receive our first blog award this week at The Yoga of Living—

The Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you, Reba.

And by we, I mean the royal we, of course, since it’s only me. However, that may change shortly as The Yoga of Living introduces something very special in the coming weeks (*psst* you’ll want to subscribe so as not to miss it!).

Along with the snappy badge, below, I get:

1) To introduce its presenter

2) To reveal 7 things about myself that you might not know

3) To share the love with 5 of my own favorite bloggers

I will add that the above three things are purely optional. Also, to get into the awards spirit, I’m wearing a full-length gown right now, just so you know.

Okay, so it’s actually a nightgown –but still.


May I introduce…

Reba Puente, who authors Navigating by Heart: She shines a ghee lamp into the recesses of her heart, and what she finds there is precisely what I’ve found in my own, except I don’t have nearly her courage. Well-read and well-writ, she’s as funny it as she is smart, and she comes from a place of love.


My 7 things…

1) My favorite animal is the gharial, a rapidly disappearing animal that lives in the Ganges river. They are odd-looking, but beautiful in their own way; misunderstood, maligned and ancient.

2) As a young child, I spoke with a lisp. After lots of bedtime tongue-twister therapy (“She sells seashells down by the seashore”), it disappeared.

3) I made the Semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking…Twice. I know. It’s nuts (see: #2).

4) I think the world would be benefitted if we all argued in song, the way they do in Broadway musicals. For my very favorite example, click here!

[Warning: In real life, singing insults may abruptly end a perfectly good argument!]

5) I played guitar in a band called Miss Demeanor when I was 14. We did covers by the Go-Go’s and The Who. We were not terrible, according to close personal friends and family members.

6) I have a long rap sheet of strange celebrity encounters, like when O.J. Simpson (with Nicole) gave me a five dollar donation. Or when we watched Clint Eastwood choose a box of breakfast cereal. It goes on and on.

7) I married my husband because when I asked him what his favorite food was, he just said, Apple. And when I asked him what his favorite color was, with innocence and sincerity, he said, Pink.

I surrendered my heart on the spot.


And the envelope please…

This was difficult. I now present to you five bloggers besides Reba who impress me. They are all “stylish” insofar as they have their own, unique style –an internet thumbprint all their own, if you will.

They are:

1. Lo in Y is for Yogini —There are a lot of really good yoga blogs out there, but the mysterious Lo is in a class by herself. Sometimes whimsical, at other times hilariously inappropriate, Lo is first and foremost a dedicated yogini, whose lessons always contain heaps of truth.

2. Havi in The Fluent Self —Havi Brooks is a big star, but she doesn’t carry herself like one. Exploding with creativity (by dint of her brain-stimulating Dance of Shiva), she demonstrates how to become ‘unstuck’ lovingly and provides a playful, comfortable space to do it.

3. Shanna in Feed the Spark —I will never again laugh at a blonde joke because the youthful, flaxen-haired Shanna Mann has ruined them for me. She’s so smart and stimulating (while not at all pretentious) that beads of sweat form on my brow when I comment on her blog. I exaggerate only slightly.

4. Fabeku in Sankofa Song —Fabeku Fatunmise is so widely beloved, he could probably tile his kitchen with the outstanding blogger badges he receives, and for good reason. The man has good vibes. He uses the transformative presence of sound to help people thrive. Plus, he writes some of the most lyrical copy ever.

5. Kylie in Effervescence — Kylie Springman is a writer, a coach and a photographer, whose reflections on “the intricate art of liking yourself” sparkle and soothe. If I lived anywhere close, I’d sit for a portrait. She’s marvelous.


Bonus: Roxanne in Stories of Conflict and Love — Roxanne Krystalli risks her life designing and implementing programs for women in conflict areas around the world. It’s serious business made a little softer through the eyes of a woman as friendly and real as she is qualified. On Twitter: @rkrystalli

Thank you all for what you do.

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10 Responses to The Envelope Please…

  1. Kylie says:

    Miss Demeanor?!?!?! No you did NOT! That is the coolest band name EVER. I vote for a reunion.

    Thank you so much for including me in your awards! I feel particularly honored, as your speech was given in a nightgown (better than a gown-gown, in my opinion).

    Sending Friday love.

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  3. Nancy A says:

    I love this and that you included Lo.. she’s one of my fav ladies out there.. and a very good pal. She deserves such a stylish award for sure.

    Wonderful.. and I’ll be singing “We’ve Got the Beat” for the rest of the weekend. I think that every girl in the 80s wanted to be a Go-Go.. so lucky duck, you!

    • Rupa says:

      Thank you, Nancy! Good times. :)
      Yep, back in those days, “girl groups” were still an anomaly and the Go-Go’s were our s/heroes…And if you practiced yoga, you were really on the fringe! Yoga studios were more like ashrams then. xo

  4. Holy bandha. I’m speechless. Rupa, thank you — I am so, so blessed to have you in my life. :)

  5. Roxanne says:

    It is such a treat to browse the blogs of everyone you mentioned here; they are beautiful spaces, packed with insight. I am so grateful to be receiving your bonus <3 and am fully prepared to bat <3 back at you.

    • Rupa says:

      Hi Roxanne! What an honor. You should know that you were “bonused” entirely because of what you do, which is literally awesome; that, and I didn’t want you to feel obligated in any way, out there in the field. To the rest of you: ante up! (kidding)

      The privilege is all mine.

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