How Thin the Veil

kamala-dala-jala jîvana talamala: Life is tottering like a drop of water on a lotus leaf. ~Govinda das Kaviraj, 1535-1613

Sometimes it takes a loss very close to one’s heart or a loss of catastrophic proportions for us to notice how thin the veil between this life and the next really is.  The old cliche to treat every day as if it were our last –or alternatively, as if it were the last day for each person we meet– becomes more than just rhetoric.

In truth, none of us knows when life as we know it will come crashing down in a cloud of debris. But knowing that we are made of something far subtler, and more permanent, than the dust around us helps us to see through the haze and press on, hearts-first.

Wishing you peace, and better.


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8 Responses to How Thin the Veil

  1. Hearts first. Thank you love for such sweet, subtle expression. This life giving moment.

  2. Marianne says:

    And wishing you peace too, and peaches, which is what I first typed when I tried to write peace and which seems like a good thing to wish for too.

  3. Thais says:

    hope you are doing well my dear friend!! <3

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