After 19 years in a Hindu monastery, I eloped with a cute monk and set tongues wagging. The interesting part was that, despite the firestorm, I hadn’t fundamentally changed at all.

In fact, life in the ashram prepared me for the outside in ways I hadn’t expected. I began to thrive in professional and personal areas using principles I’d imbibed over the years. Wax on, wax off  –you know?

These are my adventures in integration and my view of the world through saffron-tinted lenses. Please make yourself at home.

You don’t have to be a yogi, or even particularly spiritual, to visit here. But if the “living” part interests you and you’re not averse to gleaning a few insights from the culture that brought us both Gandhi and samosas…

Well, then. Swagatam. Welcome.

I ask only that shoes be left at the door.

16 Responses to About

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  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. andreadevon says:

    dasi- s told me about your blog today at work- and i am so glad he did. your writing is wonderful: joyful, intelligent, and beautiful. i look forward to checking into your blog very often. i hope to meet you soon too! aloha, andrea

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  5. Krsna Kumari says:

    Wow, Thanks for the introduction to Ranier Maria Rilke’s advice to the poet. Quite instructive to me, and hopefully may help in addressing persistent writer’s block. Also like the link to Stephen Mitchell’s translations. hare krsna!

  6. Reba says:

    :: takes off shoes and leaves them at the door ::

    I’m adoring your blog & your voice (your literary one, that is, and not, you know, your literal voice)*, and have just been reading bits out to my partner while he cooks dinner (roast veg with puy lentils & swiss chard – yum!).

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    Love Reba x

    * Just wanted to clarify that I’m not saying I wouldn’t adore your literal voice, just that I haven’t heard it, so I can’t really comment on it.

    P.S. Ha! A comment with an asterisked comment inside it!
    P.P.S. Ha! A comment with an asterisked comment, and not one, but two postscripts!

    • Dasi says:

      Hi Reba! Oh, you’d definitely love my literal voice, too. ;)

      Seriously, your words are very kind. Thank you, friend.
      Aren’t we lucky that we have men to cook for us while we read to them? xo

  7. Christine Bowers says:

    I can hear you talking. Enjoying every article you’ve posted. You are my first post on a blog site. Thanks for welcoming me into this world.

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  9. Ty Barbary says:

    … you know, despite subscribing to this site a short while ago, I hadn’t actually read your About page.

    The first sentence set me to laughing delightedly. That’s awesome.

    Glad to be reading here. Shoes’re already off. :D

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