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Child Labor and The Girl Effect

  Jayanti was only 8 years old when my brother-in-law discovered her. She had been working as a live-in domestic servant for the people next door in their small town in West Bengal. It was clear by her appearance that … Continue reading

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Film Review! George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Last night, I may have attended a World Premier. With barely a week to promote it, the Maui Film Festival presented a one-night-only screening of the new Martin Scorsese documentary, George Harrison: Living in the Material World, as a benefit … Continue reading

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Piercings, Bullfights and The Kid With The Chicken

Today’s post came from an email I received recently from my favorite cousin, Tracy. We were pen-pals as kids, she living in New York, and I in California. Her mother, my aunt, now has Alzheimer’s disease. What follows are some of … Continue reading

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Lounging on a Bed of Nails

I needed to take a break from digital media this summer, so I took some time away from the screen. I needed to smell the salt in the air and feel the warmth of the sun. I also needed to … Continue reading

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How Thin the Veil

kamala-dala-jala jîvana talamala: Life is tottering like a drop of water on a lotus leaf. ~Govinda das Kaviraj, 1535-1613 Sometimes it takes a loss very close to one’s heart or a loss of catastrophic proportions for us to notice how thin the … Continue reading

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Ice Cream in Calcutta

When my husband was a kid, he had ice cream once a year. At the time, ice cream –real ice cream– wasn’t available in the town of Krishnagar, West Bengal, where he grew up. Oh, they had rasagullas and gulab … Continue reading

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How to Find a Genuine Guru

This week at The Yoga of Living, we’re boldly going where no man has gone before. At least not here, in this blog. We’re taking a very sensitive and *important* subject –The Guru– and lifting the veil….So, if you’re curious, stick around. … Continue reading

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The Truth About Guru

You deserve to know the truth. In this post, I’m going to demystify the Guru Principle. This is pretty big stuff, but I’m feeling ambitious, so grab a pillow and sit close. By the time we finish, you should have … Continue reading

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The Tax Collector

You know when you’re participating in a guided meditation, and the instructor says, Imagine you’re somewhere that makes you feel calm and happy, and you imagine yourself in that place, and it feels really nice and peaceful? Where do you go? … Continue reading

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Pulling Back the Arrow

You’ve got goals. Maybe they’re clearly defined, like words written in a notebook or images mounted on a board. Or maybe they’re more of a general idea, known only to you, like a prayer in the heart. Either way, they … Continue reading

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