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A Dialogue With Death

In both the Vedic and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the personification of death is known as Yamaraj, or simply, Yama. Not to be confused with the Grim Reaper, Death is quite a gentleman, actually… His minions? Eh, not so much. Anyway, … Continue reading

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A 5,000 Year-Old Quiz

A long time ago, there lived a virtuous Indian prince named Yudhisthira (Yoo-dis-teer). He was the eldest of five brothers, and together, they were known as the Pandavas. One day, while they were living in exile in the forest, the … Continue reading

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How Stories Shape Us

When I was a kid, I read Archie Comics and MAD magazine, Nancy Drew books and almost the entire Judy Blume collection. It wasn’t high literature; I just appreciated a good story, which is why I also saw every episode … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Unrequited Hug

One morning, in the temple kitchen, the phone rang while we were preparing a feast for the weekly Open House. It was an Indian woman, calling for directions to our Hawaii ashram. My friend, the head cook, spoke with her … Continue reading

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The Ideology of Partition

Both of my husband’s parents immigrated to West Bengal as very small children from what became known as East Pakistan at the time of India’s independence –now the country of Bangladesh. If you saw the movie, Gandhi, you might remember the scenes … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love: The Challenge of Hinduism in Hollywood

Okay, I admit it: I never finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat Pray Love. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I did like it. A lot. It was just that her voice in the book reminded me so much of one of my highschool girlfriends’ –smart, funny … Continue reading

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One Who Can’t Dance Blames the Floor (and Other Useful Proverbs)

Idiomatic expressions are a time-honored way of conveying ideas and making them memorable. In their book, Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath site proverbs as among the most effective and enduring ways to impart knowledge.  It’s safe to say that every culture uses them. … Continue reading

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