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Piercings, Bullfights and The Kid With The Chicken

Today’s post came from an email I received recently from my favorite cousin, Tracy. We were pen-pals as kids, she living in New York, and I in California. Her mother, my aunt, now has Alzheimer’s disease. What follows are some of … Continue reading

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Talking With Monsters

Among some of my favorite bloggers, there’s been some talk about monsters, of late. By monsters, I mean the voices in our heads that say hurtful things: It can’t be done! Who do you think you are? You lousy, no … Continue reading

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A Butterfly and a Bird

Imagine for a moment that you are unable to move your body; that your only means of communication is by blinking your left eye. How would you keep from losing your mind? Think about this for a minute. You’d have … Continue reading

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A Pill for Heartsickness

Have you ever experienced a loss so devastating that it felt as if you’d lost your very self? I’ve never met anyone of a certain age who hasn’t. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a health crisis, the loss … Continue reading

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My Father’s Make-up Kit

A few days ago, I received in the mail a small, flat-rate box from my dad, who lives in New York City. Inside was a letter, which was handwritten in pencil on yellow legal pad paper, along with two clippings from … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

My brother, Todd, would have been 46 today. We lost him ten years ago after a long, valiant and ultimately heartbreaking struggle with heroin. This sounds depressing, and I apologize for that. But I can’t apologize for the amazing journey that was his life and what he … Continue reading

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Love Sells

Take a look at the man in this photo. He is a holy man, in India, performing an activity known as madhukari, literally, “one who collects honey (like a bee, a little from every flower).” He goes from house to house, singing the names of God, and collects … Continue reading

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The Stories That Would Bring Us to Ourselves

I was looking through some old files recently and came across a great story by Tennessee Williams. He was, of course, one of America’s most beloved playwrights, known to many for the stark humanity of his characters. My parents actually met while performing his beautiful play, The Glass … Continue reading

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My Husband Knows How to Knit

I discovered this recently when I told him how nice his sweater looked in a childhood photo. “My mom made it,” he said off-handedly. “What?” I said. I’d never met my mother-in-law. She was born in India and lived there until her passing months before … Continue reading

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A Corner on the Market of Faith

Here in Hawaii, the governor recently vetoed a bill that would have legalized civil unions for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. This would have allowed people who cannot marry the same legal protections that many married couples take for granted, … Continue reading

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