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The Envelope Please…

Thanks to the lovely Reba at Navigating By Heart, we were surprised and humbled to receive our first blog award this week at The Yoga of Living— The Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you, Reba. And by we, I mean the … Continue reading

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The Giant Head.

Surely you remember this scene in the Wizard of Oz: Dorothy and her pals reach Emerald City and finally get an audience with the Wizard. Turns out, “The Great and Powerful Oz” is a giant, disembodied head –and he’s not … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Japan

It’s been almost a week since the air raid sirens sounded at 1 a.m… The voices on the radio were very calm, with their warm Hawaiian accents, telling us to seek higher ground. We had lots of time, two hours, … Continue reading

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WE WON THE N.Y.LOTTERY! And we’re giving it all away.

Like many Lotto winners, we hesitated to reveal our identities. We were afraid that long-lost “friends” would come out of the woodwork and that we just wouldn’t know whom to trust. In addition, we needed some time to process what … Continue reading

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Enlightened Self-Interest or Just Selfishness?

It seems that some people have a real problem with navel-gazing. It’s not enough that they don’t choose to partake in it. Just the idea of someone else doing it (and…o.k…writing a book about it) sends them into a vitriolic … Continue reading

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