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For the Love of Coziness

You’ve heard it before –all of the excellent reasons why getting up early is good for your health, for your business and for your laundry pile. Maybe you’ve even heard that early morning is the best time for your sadhana. But sometimes … Continue reading

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Offering Oblations to the Demigod of Sleep

I once put a book directly on the floor, and my Bengali husband quickly put something under it. “Mother Saraswati,” he said, referring to the goddess of learning. “Geez,” I thought. It was only a novel. Some people think that … Continue reading

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Parting ways with the Snooze Button

For the record, I don’t use one. An alarm clock, that is. Unlike my husband, who has an internal mechanism that wakes him whenever he programs it to, I’m waking up with the birds these days, and then some. Which is to say, I’m sleeping in, by yogic standards. … Continue reading

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