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Lounging on a Bed of Nails

I needed to take a break from digital media this summer, so I took some time away from the screen. I needed to smell the salt in the air and feel the warmth of the sun. I also needed to … Continue reading

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The Envelope Please…

Thanks to the lovely Reba at Navigating By Heart, we were surprised and humbled to receive our first blog award this week at The Yoga of Living— The Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you, Reba. And by we, I mean the … Continue reading

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The Giant Head.

Surely you remember this scene in the Wizard of Oz: Dorothy and her pals reach Emerald City and finally get an audience with the Wizard. Turns out, “The Great and Powerful Oz” is a giant, disembodied head –and he’s not … Continue reading

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Finding Rapture in the Routine

Some days, you just feel trapped. All of your best intentions are shot to hell, and the illusion of your being in control vaporizes as quickly as you can say, Danicapatrick. Let’s face it: There are forces at work over … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Feel Fresh on the ‘Net

Have you ever logged onto the internet feeling energized and optimistic, only to stumble away from the screen much later, feeling kind of bleary and dim, or even a little depressed? Ugh. I certainly have. What is that? Is it … Continue reading

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Are You a Results Addict?

There’s an old Woody Allen joke from the movie, Annie Hall, that you might remember: ……………….. A guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doc, my brother’s crazy; he thinks he’s a chicken.” And the doctor says, “Well, why don’t you … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

ARE WE IGNORING THE ROOTS OF YOGA? The Hindu American Foundation thinks so, as reported this week in The New York Times, and has launched a campaign it calls, “Take Back Yoga.” The campaign, it says, does not ask yoga devotees to … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of My Yoga Mat

You know how some people name their cars? Yesterday, I decided to name my yoga mat. I figured we see enough of each other, we should be on a first-name basis. That way, instead of the pressure of “practicing yoga,” I can just spend some time with my mat, … Continue reading

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Namaste. You Must Pay.

Did you hear about the “Yoga Parking Tickets” they’re giving out in Cambridge, Massachusetts? NPR did a story about it last week called, City’s Parking Tickets Tell Drivers to Strike a Yoga Pose, but I think when violators see these … Continue reading

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A Pill for Heartsickness

Have you ever experienced a loss so devastating that it felt as if you’d lost your very self? I’ve never met anyone of a certain age who hasn’t. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a health crisis, the loss … Continue reading

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