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Namaste. You Must Pay.

Did you hear about the “Yoga Parking Tickets” they’re giving out in Cambridge, Massachusetts? NPR did a story about it last week called, City’s Parking Tickets Tell Drivers to Strike a Yoga Pose, but I think when violators see these … Continue reading

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A Pill for Heartsickness

Have you ever experienced a loss so devastating that it felt as if you’d lost your very self? I’ve never met anyone of a certain age who hasn’t. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a health crisis, the loss … Continue reading

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A Song of Letting Go, Joyfully

Last night I attended a program to celebrate the publication of The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami. He would attend as the guest of honor to share some insights about the book and about spiritual life. It was held in a … Continue reading

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Avatar: the Movie and the Muse

This post was originally published as an article by the author in the Faith section of Honolulu Advertiser newspaper, April 2010. ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Although James Cameron’s latest is no longer in theaters, its memory, for many, was lasting. According to, nearly … Continue reading

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Why It’s Good To Be Bad

As a young actress in New York, my mother studied at the Herbert Berghof Studio under the tutelage of the famed Uta Hagen, a German-American acting teacher whose legacy remains among the most respected in her field. Hagen won three Tony Awards, … Continue reading

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Other People’s Dirt and Some of My Own

Do you find this image at all unsettling? I do, but I’m not sure why. Mr. Clean was purportedly modeled after a real U.S. Navy sailor from Florida (hence the tan), although some people think he’s a genie because of his … Continue reading

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A Monk and His Unicorn

My husband and I were at our favorite thrift store on Monday, the day before my little Shedventure was to begin, when I spotted a familiar fellow customer, a Buddhist monk attired in his full monastic regalia. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea at the Time

Have you ever wondered, How did my life become so complicated? Or, Where did all this stuff come from? Yeah, me too. Although I love my life and wouldn’t trade the people in it for anything, I do sometimes fantasize … Continue reading

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How to be Deliriously Happy in Under 60 Seconds

By the end of this article, you will have discovered a tool to make you deliriously happy in under 60 seconds. It’s not a trick, and it works every single time. First, let me ask you this: Why should you … Continue reading

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Extreme Vegetables

By now you may have read about the new campaign to make baby carrots into the new Cheetos (so to speak). If you haven’t, it’s a marketing blitz aimed at redefining baby carrots as cool, dangerous and sexy; on par with junk … Continue reading

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